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20 things you never needed to know.

Tue Apr 1, 2014, 7:11 PM

I've been seeing a few people do this, as well as having been specifically tagged by blackoutpoet, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. :P

I also just wanted to say...I know that I owe people some poems and that I've been slacking in my collaborations. I'm sorry, guys. My life has been ridiculous, busy, and a little bit awful (but only a little) lately. I'm really trying to get on top of my responsibilities though. :heart: Promise.

Okay! Here we go.

1. I am afraid of heights.

2. I am deathly afraid of drowning. I still don't know how to swim because of it.

3. I really, really hate eggs. I've developed a talent for finding every single microscopic piece of egg in my meal and removing it to the side of the plate. Eggs are evil.

4. But I love french toast. LOVE. It's very confusing.

5. Sometimes...I sing along to Ke$ha songs when they come on on the radio. I'm not exactly a fan of her music, and that's not the genre of music I generally listen to, but it's just so damn catchy. I can't help it. (And I rarely admit it to people I know lol.)

6. I have had chicken pox twice, and I may get it again. I've never had a bad enough case of it to become immune. Super annoying.

7. I had shingles about 2 years ago. I thought I was having a coincidental allergic reaction to my laundry detergent or something while having the flu at the same time - or at least that's what I convinced myself so I wouldn't be worried about having to see a doctor with no insurance - so I didn't see anyone for about a week and a half. I woke up one day with a temperature of 105 and decided to bite the bullet. I think it's the sickest I've ever been. The doctor lectured me for a while about delaying coming in before putting me on a heavy-duty course of lots of things because I had gotten so sick... ^^;

8. I had an emergency appendectomy when I was 11. My appendix had burst the night before, and I had felt a lot better afterward, so I went to sleep and figured I was getting over whatever I had. Then I went to the doctor the next day, who said it was my appendix...and was then rushed into emergency surgery because it was something like 10 hours after it had burst. My white blood cell count was about 40,000 too high I believe. (I guess that's actually the sickest I've ever been.)

9. I used to take horseback riding lessons, and I miss it every day. When (if) I have disposable income, I'm totally finding a stable and doing it again.

10. I have a problem growing my hair past shoulder length due to a traumatic childhood experience. I have a hard time making myself, but once it's past that length I'm okay with it. My hair is pretty when it's long, but it gets so tangled. (It's curly.)

11. I have a hard time not just giving up on myself and having any sort of ambition as of...I guess 4 years ago. I'm working on it. (I'm totally a work in progress as a person.)

12. I'm hopelessly addicted to Glee and Grey's Anatomy. And Criminal Minds. And really, really miss House, even though it wasn't really good anymore by the time it ended.

13. I've been stuck on trying to come up with something else for at least 10 minutes. I don't talk about myself very well.

14. I've written one song. It's so corny that I never share it with anyone. I find it awkward enough to sing it.

15. I have one cat, and he has something called Feline Urinary Tract Disorder. He has to have medicated food, twice yearly bladder ultrasounds, and multiple other tests throughout the year to monitor that condition. I spend at least 7X more on my cat's medical bills than my own. I have to have like a toe falling off (or a temperature of 105 lol) to ever agree to see a doctor.

16. I am absolutely in love with avocados. Sometimes I'll sit and just eat one with a spoon. So so so so so so so delicious.

17. Sometimes it bothers me that Stephen King stories all tend to follow the same formula until I start reading one and remember what an amazing storyteller he is. Plus they don't all follow the same formula...just the vast majority.

18. I rarely sleep well. And when I am sleeping, I'm usually having unpleasant dreams. It's unfortunate.

19. Seriously, 20 things is hard. I'm not sure there are 20 interesting things about me lol.

20. I have one tattoo on my right wrist, and I am planning my next two right now. I just have to, you know, have the money to pay for them. I  hope it happens eventually.

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