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i think i know
how my mother felt
when she was
with hands
that washed dishes
in saltwater;

i think i can understand
the special brand
of emptiness
that is borne of
a carefree smile
while you

i always
all their faces
in my
torn fingerprints.
you are not important
but i love them all
in on soft
kitten feet, so
soft I did not hear them at first. Soft tread

smokes your arteries. Mirrors shock your heart
to rhythm. We
feed her gin
and milk,

in down,
drown ourselves
in a pocket
ocean. You buoy above your feather

prison but a moment, blink twice, (she) lick(s)
your lips, placate
a cough, and
snug back
We are only fools once.
And she has the prettiest claws, too.
i. I shed snake skin
from rawred bones
that bend and bleed
when my fingers flex.

ii. Sand papers your veins
in ugly decibels of bronze,
a jubilant lie
that does not escape
refrigerated teeth.

iii. They say salvation lies
in a promised land,
but I say that promises

iv. Apologies chocolate my tongue,
saccharine acids yours,
and together
we swallow.
Maybe I'm just too fucking sad to write a decent poem anymore. Or too tired. I don't know.
i. You smear
sanguine nightmares
on the countertops.

ii. I am scrubbing you
from the mirrors
with a combination of
gauze and razors.

iii. You reach
toward disaster
in the drain.

iv. I am parceling
your fingers back
into the fluorescent lights,
swiveling your wrists
back straight.

v. You sink
teeth into
shattered porcelain.

vi. I am recrafting
your smile from
dust, shards, and
abandoned glitter.

vii. You stretch
a jagged mouth
into static.

viii. We are disguised
as friends, but really
we are two souls
colliding in the midst of ether
turned sand, through automobile
galaxies turned to car wrecks,
through meadows turned
to pins and needles.
We are disguised as friends
I actually wrote this a while ago, over a year ago. I haven't posted anything in a while, and I'm struggling with this delightful case of writer's block, so I suppose I'm hoping this inspires me to get back to writing with regularity.

I opted to say this is not mature content; do you agree? I feel like it's in that kind of gray area, and I just wasn't sure. I also feel like that last stanza might not make a lot of sense. Thoughts?
Wind palettes goldscarlet silk
into concrete; decay
to tornadotumble earth
into winter.
I haven't posted anything I've written in a while.

What do you think?


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Personal Quote: "A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages." ~Tennesee Williams
Hi people! I've been pretty busy with the baby...she's over 3 months now! She's literally had 2 growth spurts in the past week. Overnight growth spurts. I've heard of that, but I would never have honestly believed it was a thing if I hadn't seen it. Crazy. Not my teeny little baby anymore, and so much more alert and aware of her surroundings. Starting to grab stuff! And thinks she can walk lol. She likes for us to stand her up while she stamps her feet or tries to take steps and wobble herself various directions. I'm definitely bummed that I'm back to work now because I get so much less time with her, but it's awesome to come home to her every day. The husband is definitely adjusting well to being a stay-at-home dad, and he's just so great with her. :heart:

This is kind of a pointless journal I guess. I just wanted to say hi. I miss you all. I've been writing some, but nothing I have felt is good enough to post. Plus! I'm pursuing various avenues for being published at the moment...including self-publishing. We'll see where that goes, I guess. You never know unless you try, right?

HOW ARE ALL OF YOU? I miss you. Talk to me. :) Let's be friends.
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